Every student who applies receives a scholarship

Hillsboro is North Dakota's largest chapter of Dollar's for Scholar's, where every student who applies for a scholarship receives at least one scholarship. For the graduating class of 2019, that amount ranged from $500 to $5,800 per student. A total of $80,500 was given out to Hillsboro graduates in 2019.

Hillsboro High School Class of 2020

Leave a legacy - your donation matters

A gift to H509 allows you to leave a legacy where even a smaller gift makes a large difference in the lives of many. Education is the an equalizer that can remove people from poverty and help any student rise to their maximum ability. A college education is the open door which allows them to reach that potential. A scholarship can be the difference in our students taking that first step toward college. 

Join H509

The cost to join is $109 minimum the first year, followed by $100 the next four years.


For just one child, on average, parents receive seven times the minimum cost to join. If you have three children, on average, you will receive 18 times more than what we ask of you to be a base member. If everyone gives a little, our students all gain a great deal.

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